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Our Guarantee

You will be thrilled with your images, not just satisfied. If the beauty of your portraits does not capture your heart, we will do whatever is necessary to make it so or refund every penny of your creation fee, no questions asked and no hard feelings. You deserve the best and we are committed to creating it for you.

How Does Your Home Feel?

Your family portrait, proudly displayed in a location of
honor, is t
he most satisfying home decor you can own.

What do the walls of your home say about you?  Home decor is an integral part of the American home, and too often home decor is synonymous with “pretty paintings”.   But how do you FEEL when you view them?  What if we could give you home decor portraits that instantly produce feelings of love, compassion, and security?  Because that’s exactly what a beautiful family portrait can do!  Even when your children are far away, every time your gaze settles on your family – with everyone looking fantastic – as a center-point of your home decor, you’ll feel their presence in your heart.

A home decor portrait makes a statement of how important your family is to you.  It also shows your children how important they are to you.  And to you it becomes one of the most prized possessions. In fact, should the unthinkable happen and you have to quickly escape, most people grab their family portraits over the antiques, paintings or grandma’s china as the one thing worthy to save.

At River Street Photography, we put our heart and soul into every family portrait we create. We guarantee that you will be thrilled (not just satisfied) with what you see. See the side bar to read our total, absolutely no risk, guarantee.  We believe that providing the finest in home decor portraiture is our calling and we take no shortcuts in producing the best.

Your portrait is designed and created to fit your home. There are many things we take into consideration: Where will it hang? What size and shape will work best? What clothing will enhance the portrait? Should the style be formal or casual? Where should the portrait session be done, in a studio, garden, beach, in the mountains? What about family pets?

Planning your portrait will take a little time and energy, but we are here to help you through it all.  The best part is the day that we hang your portrait in a place of honor in your home.  There’s just nothing like it!

Contact  Thresher Photography today to chat about the possibilities of creating your own home decor portrait.